about us

We are idea builders

Veyl blends innovative health solutions with pioneering marketing technology. Our team's expertise spans from developing premium wellness products to deploying cutting-edge marketing technology and bespoke solutions.

This balanced focus ensures we not only create exceptional health solutions but also deliver them through transformative, engaging experiences.

our philosophy

Where collaboration meets creativity

We partner with leading experts in their fields, and we develop cutting-edge health products and sustainably-minded brands. We only use the best ingredients the world has to offer, but only if that ingredient‘s absence doesn‘t harm the world. And we are transparent about everything we make and everything we do.

It‘s not only our products that improve people‘s lives. Our ethical practices help make people‘s lives better, too.

our core values

Create Wellness

Veyl is dedicated to enhancing health and wellbeing. Our products, rooted in premium quality, are designed to elevate lifestyle choices and nourish well-being, reflecting our commitment to holistic health for all.

Kind and Candid

At Veyl, we value clear, direct communication. Our approach is to be brutally honest yet respectful, fostering a culture of swift, effective decision-making and transparency within our team.

Relentless Enthusiasm

At Veyl, our passion for wellness is unwavering. We approach every challenge with vigor and a positive mindset, driving innovation and excellence in the health sector. Our enthusiasm is the heartbeat of our company, inspiring both our team and customers.

Plan and Adapt

Veyl champions strategic foresight paired with agility. We meticulously plan for success while maintaining the flexibility to adapt swiftly to new challenges and opportunities, ensuring resilience and relevance in the ever-evolving health industry.

Will to Win

At Veyl, our determination to succeed is paramount. We channel this willpower into creating superior health products and services, striving for excellence in every venture to emerge as leaders in the wellness industry.

our capabilities

Infinite possibilities & limitless potential

We are both horizontally and vertically integrated, meaning we control all of our brands and manage most steps of the supply chain — from concept to consumer. With a team of over 100 experts in their fields, we also handle product development, scientific research, data analytics, design, marketing, advertising, customer service, eCommerce and much, much more.

By reinventing the traditional business model, we are able to keep our quality standards exceedingly high and our overhead costs uncommonly low.

our locations

We‘re growing everywhere

Veyl ventures has offices, facilities, and remote workplaces across the United States, and across the planet. You can find members of our teams in California, New York, Florida, South Carolina, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, and Canada, and as far away as Romania, New Zealand, South Africa, Trinidad and Tokyo.


Introducing Our Pioneering Leadership Team